Let me tell you of all the things

I really need to

I thought life was a fairytale

When I met you

But there’s no happy ever after

Just a lifetime

Where every day

Is August night

And you’ll never make it alright

This lullaby is in my head

And it feels like I’m falling

I’m almost dead

Inside this lullaby

There’s no time for my life

Let me tell you of everything

I ever hoped for

That what you wrote on the seventeenth

Might not be true

But you don’t know the truth is out there

With the starlight

And all the love

And all this pain

They’re going to be there again

This lullaby

No last refrain

And I hear it’s October

Without the rain

Outside this lullaby

I won’t lose my mind

(Inside this lullaby I will lose my mind)